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Portfolio design group discussion

Logo, Branding & Website Portfolio


In this portfolio, we will explore a specialized building and construction company. Firstly we were tasked with designing and creating branding and a logo to represent them. In addition, we designed and created a website to help represent the business. 


Moreover, as the business specializes in creating energy-efficient, architecturally beautiful homes, it was essential the site replicated this. 


Once the logo and branding were curated we compiled them into the site and made sure we had designed a beautiful gallery to showcase their work.

Finally we created their personalised e-mail, ran through the site with the clients, created an SEO campaign and launched their website. 

Website Portfolio

Instant Impression

Initially in this portfolio, you can view a home staging company specializing in pre-sale property styling.


Firstly, we were tasked with using their existing content from their old site. Next, we studied and researched their existing branding. Specifically through this research, we developed their new site design. Afterward, we used their existing imagery in conjunction with new photography to create a website that represented the company.


Finally, as Home staging isn’t a widely known subject it was important that the copywriting was both informative and easy to read. So new customers would be both educated and sold on the process. Therefore it was vital we included statistics and visuals for future clients.

Website portfolio

Bowen Alternative Therapy

This portfolio showcases a Bowen therapy business located in regional Victoria.


View their portfolio below to see how we designed our approach to suit this small business’s needs. Initially, we conducted a brand interview to engage with the client and understand their needs.


Afterward we created a site that was able to inform potential customers. While also aiding their brand image by creating an online presence. As a result, helping to drive new customers and aiding the business’ marketing goals. 

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