Project details

A Pre-sale property styling company.

Our team was tasked with updating this home staging companies website and showcasing their point of difference.


Website design & update

Logo & Branding

As Instant Impression had already previously engaged in Logo and Branding, it was essential that we tailored their site to match this. Employing both the colour scheme previously utilised in conjunction with their logo to create a site that would feel both familiar to customers but also innovative.

Photography & Stock images

As Instant Impression stages homes before sale there was a large variety of professional real estate photos so we had a variety of high quality images to choose from, requiring little stock images. High quality, professional photos are one way to make your site look and feel sophisticated.

Web design & Implementation

As Instant Impression’s business often dealt with lots of first time customers who weren’t experienced in a home staging companies process it was essential we tailored the site to meet these needs.


We identified 7 main pages they required and multiple sub pages within some pages.

These included…

 1. Home page

2. Portfolio (Containing 13 sub-pages of their best work)

3. Staging

4. Why should I stage?

5. Testimonials

6. About us

7. Contact us

Home Page



Why should I stage?


About us

Contact us