Website development

Project details

A specialised Bowen therapy Business

Our team was tasked with the website development of a small Bowen therapy business to help display their unique point of difference and engage more new customers through explaining and informing potential new clients. 


Website design

Website development

Photography & Stock images

Working within their budget we decided to employ a variety of stock images in conjunction with a few images they sent us to create a calming and authentically personal website

Web design & Implementation

There was a multitude of benefits that we wanted to showcase from Alternative Bowen Therapy’s business it was vital that their site accentuated this


We identified 5 main pages they required.

These included…

1. Home page

2. Bowen

3. About us

4. Contact us

5. Testimonials

Home Page

Bowen therapy home page example
Bowen therapy home page example

About us

About us example page
Bowen about us page


Bowen example page

Contact us

Bowen therapy contact us page example


Bowen therapy Testimonail